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Z-P Danner update by YellowElectricLion74 Z-P Danner update :iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 17 23
Mission 5 : Tortoise Boss Battle
   As Hiro ran off to help the generals in their fight against the juggernaut, Danner is
locked in a power struggle with Tortoise. "You came to save you friend, how cute."
Tortoise taunts as he push Danner back. "Wish I could say the same about your face."
Danner pushes back reinstating the stalemate.  "You've got jokes eh?"
Tortoise says with a smirk "Well have you heard this one?" Tortoise shoves Danner away
seemingly winning the power struggle and spreads out his arms "A cat runs in a bar and now
he's deaf "He says palm Slaps Danner ears with great force. Danner roars in pain as he
falls to the floor. He tries to stand but falls over as if he were intoxicated.
Ten- "Dam it Danner what are you doing? This is no time to be screwing around!!"
Danner-"I'm not, I can't keep my balance, that last attack…it damaged the stuff
near my coch thing… gah I can't think with the ringing." 
Ten- "What? You were hi
:iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 2 8
As if things weren't bad enough...
Danner lays in his bed thinking about his brother who he had seen on his mission with Katie.   It's been years since he's seen his brother, and for him to show up now in a GG base was unbelievable.
"Why would he show up there, of all places?"
"....Whatever Ten...." Danner says turning on his  side. He didn't want to think about it anymore.  He didn't want to think that what Ten said could possibly be true. Nothing was known about Deck since he left town so nothing could be ruled out as "ridiculous". He continues to lay there staring into space when he hears a knock on the door. "This better not be Nitzah with another f-ing boot." Nitzah had been boots at him everytime he answers the door when she knocks, despite this he gets up and answers the door to see Katie there.
"Oh hey Katie..."  he says stepping to one side to let her in.
"Hey Danner….." she says walking in. " You've hardly left your room since Stark pulled that li
:iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 3 23
Z-Parasites Mission 3 Stealth Part2 FIN
"Worst way to break into a building ever…" Danner says as he and Katie entered the GG base. They had gotten in through the roof; there wasn't any other way to get in without alerting anyone. What made it so unpleasant for him was that he had to climb up the side, all 8 stories of the building and Katie insisted he carry her on his back. "Couldn't you have climbed up yourself you have claws too." He said stretching his back.
"Are you really complaining about my being on you?" Katie said with "That" kinda tone.
They weren't too far from where they needed to be just a few floors above. On his way up Danner had noticed through that there were a few infected people walking around the base in there Symbiote forms. They didn't seem to have any form of identification so he figured as long as he and Katie stayed in there symbiote form they should be able to move around without arousing suspicion. As the two headed for the elevator and door swings open in front of them
:iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 4 11
Z-Parasites Mission 3 Stealth Part1
"UGH why does this base have to be so far away" Danner complained. He and Katie had been walking for over 4 hours to get to the GG base. Katie had gotten intel that there was valuable gadgets being produce there. She hoped to steal some blue prints to see if she could build or at the very least find some kind of flaw that could be exploited.
"Are you really complaining, I thought you were a free runner." Katie exclaimed.
"I am and I am" Danner replied. "this base is just too far to be walking there"
"If we ran there you would get a head of me and end up getting lost"
"Ok then stop complaining, besides we're here" Katie points to the GG base just a few miles away from their position.
"Finally, so what's the plan?" Danner said Breath a sigh a relief
"Well if my intel is correct the blue prints were after are stored in a sever room" Katie pulls out a schematic of the building and crouches down to lay it on the ground "It should be located here." She poi
:iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 1 7
Z-P App: Deck by YellowElectricLion74 Z-P App: Deck :iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 13 13
Z-Parasites: The Reunion
Danner wanders through the halls of the base trying to familiarize himself with it. "" asked Ten. "Because being on the run from the government and the military isn't much fun if you know," Replies Danner "I couldn't even free run in other towns without getting shot at." "
:iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 4 28
Z-Parasites: Danner Stat card by YellowElectricLion74 Z-Parasites: Danner Stat card :iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 3 20 Training begins by YellowElectricLion74 Training begins :iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 1 12 So pro by YellowElectricLion74 So pro :iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 0 12 Mhuy Thai by YellowElectricLion74 Mhuy Thai :iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 1 7 Me and My bad-self. by YellowElectricLion74 Me and My bad-self. :iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 1 48 stick figure comic pg.2 by YellowElectricLion74 stick figure comic pg.2 :iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 0 8 stick figure comic pg.1 by YellowElectricLion74 stick figure comic pg.1 :iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 0 0 Nun by YellowElectricLion74 Nun :iconyellowelectriclion74:YellowElectricLion74 0 8

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